The world is full of unexplained and weird animals. Every day people claim to see these strange creatures, some are lucky enough to capture a picture or video of these weird creatures, while others are just left with amazing stories that are impossible to prove, because some of those animals doesn’t exist at all.Ape Dog

Fake! One of Patricia Piccininis disturbingly anthropomorphic human animal hybrid sculptures.Camel Spider

Fake! The animal is real, but not a spider, not from Iraq, not venomous and not nearly as big as the photo suggests.Mummyfied Sea Monster

Definitely Fake!30 Foot Long Plankton

Real. A scyphomedusa, the largest plankton in Antarctic Ice, has tentacles over 9m in length and its bell can reach over 1m in diameter.Muppet Fish

Real. A type of fish we dont no what its called but it looks weird cos thats its camofluage.

Pizza Cutting Whorl Tooth Shark

Real. The true arrangement and purpose of the teeth remains a mystery. Some scientists suggest that it may have operated like a spiked whip, possibly curled underneath the lower jaw like a weaponized elephant trunk.

Prehistoric Shark

Real. A species of shark rarely seen alive because its natural habitat is 600 metres (2,000 ft) or more under the sea was captured on film by staff at a Japanese marine park.

Rabbit Fish

Real. It’s called a Chimera Fish or Rabbit Fish. A weird fish that looks like something out of a Doctor Suess book.

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