Google Peanut Gallery Social Lite marketing Libby Cattalini

Google Chrome: Silent Film Clips Using Your Own Voice

Google have created yet another Chrome experiment that’s loads of fun called “Peanut Gallery” Create your own Silent Movie using Google’s Web Speech API that turns speech into text in ...

ape dog are they real or are they fake socail lite

Are they Real or are they Fake?

The world is full of unexplained and weird animals. Every day people claim to see these strange creatures, some are lucky enough to capture a picture or video of these ...

lindsey-stirling-vioinist-social lite libby cattalini

Dub-step, Violin, Video and an Amazing Girl!

For those of you who find the violin un-cool are about to be amazed… American violinist Lindsey Stirling is a classical violist whose electrifying choreographed violin performances are a combination ...


I Knew You Were Trouble

Every sound in this video is made by a human mouth. Walk off the Earth hooked up with KRNFX for this ‘a cappella – Beatbox’ version of Taylor Swift’s hit ...

Interactive Art Controlled By Touch social lite libby cattalini

Interactive Art Controlled By Touch

 PRISMA 1666 is an installation named after and inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s famous experiments in 1666 on the refraction of light through crystals. First exhibited at the International Science and ...

Chocolate strawberry mini santas Social Lite marketing Libby Cattalini

How to make Mini Strawberry & Chocolate Santa Claus for Christmas

Be the hit of the Christmas party with these tasty mini Santa’s. Mini Santa Recipe Ingredients: Strawberries Thickened Cream Chocolate Method: 1. Cut the top off the strawberries (this is ...

rabbit-wonderland_lge lights up Shanghai Social Lite marketing Libby Cattalini

Rabbit Wonderland lights up Shanghai

During the 2008 Dhanghia eArts Festival, Rabbit Wonderland, a series of innovative outdoor installations, provided colour, laughter and warmth to the streets of Shanghai. The iconic symbol of “Rabbit Wonderland” ...


Taking the iPad to a new level!

  As part of a promotion for Cosmopolitan magazine, the “iPad head girl” has been spotted in the streets of New York City. “The concept and analogy here is to show a ...


Soul Train Sets Guinness World Record

Word arrived by mail Monday that Philadelphia did indeed set a new Soul Train Dance world record. Writer Sheila Simmons, the principal organizer, got a congratulatory letter Guinness World Records ...


Longest-running “First-Run” American TV show.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Soul Train,  an American musical variety show that aired from 1971 to 2006.     Song is “Papa was a Rolling Stone” The Tempations by

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