mr wolf dog old spice Social Lite marketing Libby Cattalini

“Sometimes you gotta eat people, America. That’s how business works and that’s why I’m successful.”

Old Spice have appointed  a new ‘Chief of Marketing’ Mr Wolfdog, for their latest men’s fragrance collection – “Wild”. He is an over-achiever who is extremely serious about his new ...

I Knew You Were Trouble

Every sound in this video is made by a human mouth. Walk off the Earth hooked up with KRNFX for this ‘a cappella – Beatbox’ version of Taylor Swift’s hit ...

Video goes viral thanks to brands lack of funds social lite

Video goes viral thanks to brands lack of funds.

What makes ads popular on the web? That is the ultimate question which brands and advertising agencies ponder over daily. Well, TomTom has (kind of) got the right idea, in ...


Taking the iPad to a new level!

  As part of a promotion for Cosmopolitan magazine, the “iPad head girl” has been spotted in the streets of New York City. “The concept and analogy here is to show a ...


Longest-running “First-Run” American TV show.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Soul Train,  an American musical variety show that aired from 1971 to 2006.     Song is “Papa was a Rolling Stone” The Tempations by

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