Get the most from your Facebook posts by following these points:

Know your fans and their interests

Who’s your target market and what kind of things do they dig. When your post receives high engagement ask your fans another question or comments back, keep the conversation going to learn more about them. Monitor your previous posts to observe what works and what doesn’t to ditch the crap performers from your future posts.

Mix it up baby!

Eating the same meal for breakfast lunch and dinner becomes tiresome and so do repetitive posts. Post a popular video, add engaging photos, a puzzle or your latest deal. Offer a competition or ask questions. The trick is to add variety and spice things up from time to time.

Keep an eye on trending videos or newsworthy contentviral video

Join the conversation of what’s hot and get involved when the trending content may be relevant to your fans. If people see it first on your page they’re more likely to share cool content with their friends resulting in a potential set of new fans. As with trending content people engage in newsworthy information.

Nagging is boring

Chat about something else other than your brand. Your fans are human beings with personalities. No one likes to have sales thrown at them 24/7. Be a friend, ask questions, and share cool content.  Get the conversation going and maintain your relationship.


Keep it short and use visuals

You have a few seconds to make an impact with your posts. Nail what you want to say in a couple of sentences, add a photo to get noticed and provide a call to action. Think pop up mobile notifications, glancing at feeds or scrolling over posts Facebook users don’t read everything, they jump on something that grabs them. Photos on Facebook generate 53% more Likes than text.


Provide a call to action

Let’s face it you want responses to your post…no one enjoys having a one way conversation. Tell your fans what you want them to do and they’re more likely to do it. “Like if you agree “or “Click on this link to watch man dance in space”. “Sharing is a powerful way to get new fans via your current ones.

Use shortened links

Big long links are ugly and take up too much space on your posts. Use a link shortener (,, tiny) to make your post more appealing to the eye and display your post clearly. The added bonus is you can view how many of your FB fans actually click on your link via the link shortener website. If your link is also tagged you can nail what posts were successful in sales.

Balance your post’s reach

When your last post doesn’t receive much engagement do your best to make the next one a stand-out. This will increase your future post’s visibility ensuring it will get noticed.


Content Calendars keep you on track

Collecting engaging content takes time and creating a calendar assists by ensuring you have enough material and variety for you future posts. A calendar doesn’t have to follow the rule of dates and times but simply a place to store content ready for action. Your brand will create a consistent Facebook presence as posts take less time to construct. Save your calendar on-line and you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Post in real-time whenever possible
Using a third party posting suite lowers your Facebook EdgeRanking. When you post in real-time your message will gain higher visibility.

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