So you’ve set up your Facebook Page, gained  followers on Twitter, uploaded snaps on Instagram and busy pinning on Pinterest – now what?

Put these points into practice and you’ll notice a vast improvement in your Social and future possibilities of what it can do for you.


1. Who is your target market?

The simple fact is that people are different.

Our tastes, circumstances and desires define who we hang out with. In high-school the rebellious cool kids hung behind the wall sucking down ciggies,  nerds hung in the library on the computers and sporty kids shot hoops. We all have our interests and naturally find others with the same interests.  Find where your audience hangs out,  start to interact with them and see which social media site has the best response for you.


2success-kid-meme-generator-finally-i-can-reach-the-cookie-jar-49c6f4. Define your goal

What do you hope to achieve through investing in social media?

Define whether you want to build your brand, provide great customer service, grow your data base, gather new customers etc… Every company’s goal are and should be different. Once you’ve defined your goals you can actively work toward achieving them through the right social strategy.


content queen3. Content is Queen

Behind every great man is a woman and content is that woman in social media.

Content can make or break a social media campaign. Good content has the power to create thousands of fans in a short amount of time or can break your image, no mercy!  Crap posts have the ability to cause chaos.


4. Be Real

keep it real

This relates to what you post, how you respond and whether you have realistic expectations of your social media efforts.

A viral video or many $$$ may gain 50,000 followers and earn millions of dollars overnight. (even then it’s touch and go!) Do you mean what you say as a brand and follow through? Transparency is number one.

Social Media isn’t about creating a page and watching the fans roll in. It takes planning, collecting, listening and reacting.


Libby Cattalini

Social Media Enthusiast
Libby has become a well respected advisor for companies seeking to grow engagement, brand awareness, and measurable ROI via their social channels. With intricate knowledge of social media and online marketing she is able to devise successful social campaigns with strategies that have a wide reaching positive effect on all aspects of the business.

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