For most of us glasses are something we need to try on before we buy.  Australia’s online “new duck on the block” have sorted this issue for shoppers in more way than one.


Sneaking Duck an online prescription glasses service mission is to provide fashionable glasses with ease of purchase and for most of us now that means shopping online. But what about shopping for glasses? Wouldn’t you like to see what they look like before I buy.

virtual try on

Purchasers now have the choice of either trying on their favourite specs from Sneaking Duck’s website via  their virtual try-on. You can simply upload a photo of yourself (or take a snap on via web cam), click on the glasses you’d like to try and hey presto it’s on screen for you to decide. If you’re unsure of your choice simply share via Facebook and ask your friends for their opinions.

Try glasses at home

For those who prefer to try on glasses in the flesh the funky online glasses store offers free delivery of up to five pairs of glasses sent to you to try on at home for 5 days. Simply return the ones you don’t like. Pretty cool I say, that way you can decide without having to run to a store.

Play with Sneaking Duck’s virtual-try on here.

Sneaking duck offer Free shipping and returns Australia Wide.

“We love cool frames and we love having a pair for every mood. We’re tired of having one mega-expensive pair we wear until they break. In just a few clicks, Sneaking Duck allows you to build a wardrobe of frames to match every outfit.” – Sneaking Duck 



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