What makes ads popular on the web?

That is the ultimate question which brands and advertising agencies ponder over daily. Well, TomTom has (kind of) got the right idea, in their latest tongue-in-cheek ad.

We all know about the success Evian’s Roller Babies had, and how Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like was a huge hit. But why were they so successful? The only thing they have in common is that they are both extremely random (and a little creepy) in their own ways.

Maybe the answer, as TomTom has decided, is to combine aspects of every video that has ever been a success into one clip. Surely that will work?

The only problem is that TomTom apparently hasn’t had the budget to really go all out. So, the result is a hilarious concoction of ‘viral’ clips, featuring one man who has tried to cover absolutely everything, from a T-Mobile-style flashdance (featuring only himself) to an attempt at Will It Blend (in a blender which just doesn’t blend).

Other highlights include the poor guy having a fist fight with himself in a rendition of TNT’s Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square, and an attempt to teach a CGI baby how to rollerblade.

At least TomTom acknowledges its ‘shortcomings’, admitting that instead of spending money on improving the ad, the company has spent all the advertising budget on prizes for customers for the holiday season.

Article courtesy of mememachine.viralvideochart.com

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